How to Make a Fishtail Braid Step by Step Instructions

1-) Separate your hair into two. Curly hair or straight hair that does not matter. Fishtail Braid hair model is the beginning of this process. Keep your hair well here


2-)  The second step Fishtail Braid. Get the right hair from a hair thin. The hair, the hair on the left merge


3-) Reverse how you are holding hair and switch hand.

4-) Fishtail Braid of hair to get a fine from there on the left hand. Combine the hair taken from the left hand with right hand hair.


5-)2. and 3 made in steps. Make the desired length. Fishtail Braid end of the rubber plug ends


How to Make a Fishtail Braid Step by Step Instructions.


Get all the hair back. Take the simple braid hair as part of the forehead 3. Start to weave backwards. Get to the right and left of the little hair then the hair. Add to fishtail braid of her hair into this small. Be equal to each hair. Fishtail braid, eg up to neck. The end of the hair with a rubber plug.

If you want to do hair bun finished knitting process.
Fishtail Braid firmness is very important. Use hair spray to break out.


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